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Starlink Installation FAQ's

Absolutely! Starlink operates in a manner similar to conventional internet service providers you’ve used in your area. The necessary network cable is included in your kit and is proprietary, which implies that it can only be obtained from Starlink. If you believe that the 75-foot cable provided isn’t sufficient to reach your desired location from outside, you can place an order for the 150-foot cable directly through Starlink.

We provide comprehensive Starlink installation services that encompass dish mounting, network cable installation, and router setup. Our pricing begins at £499 for these installation services. Please note that troubleshooting any network-related issues specific to your home or business may incur an additional fee.

The installation process typically takes approximately 1-3 hours, with the duration varying based on your specific home setup. After the installation is complete, it’s important to note that it may take up to a full 12 hours for the Starlink system to achieve optimal performance. During this time, the system undergoes several essential tasks, including downloading the latest drivers, scanning and mapping the satellites in proximity to the dish, and calculating the optimal positions for communication with the various satellites overhead. This waiting period ensures the best possible performance for your Starlink connection.

Your Starlink Kit arrives complete with all the essentials required to get you online within minutes. This comprehensive kit includes your Starlink equipment, a WiFi router, all necessary cables, and a base, ensuring a hassle-free setup process.

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At Starlink Installation Pros, we specialise in installing Starlink satellite systems in homes, businesses, and mobile settings. Our team ensures rapid, nationwide installations with competitive pricing. We’re committed to providing comprehensive support to our customers, enhancing their internet connectivity with the advanced technology of Starlink.

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