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Internet Speeds in Kent

Why a Starlink installation in Kent is a Great Option?

Ofcom’s 2021 report discloses that approximately 6% of the population in Kent struggles with sluggish internet speeds, unable to access decent broadband speeds of 10Mbps or above.

Starlink, SpaceX’s satellite internet service, provides a viable alternative to FTTP, particularly in those rural zones bereft of Fiber. Offering speeds between 100mbps and 400mbps, this new contender sets a competitive stage in the world of broadband. Signals reaffirming this claim range from Starlink’s expedient and efficient installation to its marked improvement in coverage and speeds.

benefits of a Starlink Installation in Kent

Connecting Kent to Starlink

Unlike other broadband forms requiring extensive groundwork to set up, Starlink installations are swift and hassle-free. The system can be fully operational in less than a day, circumventing the inconvenience of unearthing roads for full fibre cable insertion.

With the constant launch of new satellites, Starlink continually enhances its coverage and speeds. It’s a progressive broadband solution, particularly for rural areas previously underserved by reliable, high-speed internet service. Effectively, Starlink stands as the resounding future of broadband in Kent.


Challenges of Other Internet Solutions in Kent

4G and 5G may not prove to be sustainable solutions for rural properties or properties in high-density areas of Kent, such as densely condensed villages or remote farmlands. Their reliance on closer proximity to cellular masts and turbulent factors like peak time usage can result in degraded signal strength and subsequently slower internet speeds.

The challenge is further exacerbated in rural areas, where accessibility to these masts is usually limited owing to geographical distance. Even in high-density areas, overuse during peak times can strain network capacities causing slowdowns.


Starlink's Features and Advantages

The Gen 2 and Gen 3 Starlink systems offer value-added benefits with faster speeds and lower latency. Further, Starlink user-friendly setup doesn’t just stop at the router, but extends to essential accessories such as mesh and point-to-point systems that can enhance coverage and speeds across larger properties.

Professionally installed Starlink can thus assure stress-free usability, overcoming technical and situational constraints of alternative options such as 4G and 5G.


Professional Starlink Installation vs. Self Installation

With a professional Starlink installation, risks such as improper dish placement, tripping over cables, working at high elevations, and issues with mounting equipment and wind loads are mitigated. Furthermore, expert installers facilitate the use of accessories such as mesh systems, point-to-point systems, and high-performance Starlink to optimise coverage and speeds.

This professional service ensures both homeowners and businesses in Kent have robust and consistently quick internet connectivity, integral to productivity and seamless communication.

Starlink Installation FAQ's

FTTP (Fiber to the Premises): FTTP involves fiber optic cables running directly from the internet service provider to your home or business. This type of connection typically offers higher speeds, often reaching up to 1 Gbps (1,000 Mbps), and provides more reliable and consistent performance. In Kent, FTTP services are ideal for high-bandwidth activities such as streaming, gaming, and large file transfers.

FTTC (Fiber to the Cabinet): FTTC combines fiber optic cables to a street cabinet and then uses traditional copper wires from the cabinet to your premises. This hybrid setup results in lower speeds compared to FTTP, usually up to 80 Mbps. The speed and reliability of FTTC can be affected by the distance between your property and the street cabinet, with longer distances resulting in slower speeds.

Starlink: Starlink offers speeds ranging from 50 Mbps to 500 Mbps with latency as low as 20 milliseconds. This makes it competitive with many fixed-line services, especially in remote or rural areas where traditional broadband options are limited.

Fiber (FTTP): Fiber connections can offer much higher speeds, often up to 1 Gbps, and lower latency compared to Starlink. Fiber is typically the best option for speed and reliability in areas where it is available.

ADSL (Asymmetric Digital Subscriber Line): ADSL typically provides speeds up to 24 Mbps, with higher latency compared to both fiber and Starlink. ADSL is less reliable and slower, especially for activities requiring high bandwidth.

In summary, Starlink provides a significant speed advantage over ADSL and competes well with many fiber connections, making it an excellent option where fiber is not available.

Starlink Installation:

  • Equipment: Requires a satellite dish, user terminal, and router.
  • Placement: The dish needs to be installed in a location with a clear view of the sky to communicate with Starlink satellites. This often involves mounting the dish on a rooftop, wall, or ground pole.
  • Self-Installation: Starlink offers a user-friendly setup process, with many customers choosing to self-install.
  • Professional Installation: For optimal performance and aesthetics, professional installation is recommended, especially for custom mounting solutions and integration with other systems.

Traditional Broadband Installation:

  • FTTP: Involves running fiber optic cables directly to the premises, which may require digging and additional infrastructure work. Installation is typically performed by the service provider’s technicians.
  • FTTC and ADSL: Generally involve connecting to existing telephone lines, with the technician installing a modem/router and ensuring the connection is working. The process is usually quicker and less invasive than FTTP.

Starlink installations are unique due to the requirement for an unobstructed view of the sky and can vary significantly based on the property’s layout and location.

Starlink Router Benefits:

  • Coverage: The Starlink router provides robust Wi-Fi coverage suitable for most homes. For larger properties, additional mesh network nodes can be used to extend coverage.
  • Speeds: The router is designed to optimize the speeds provided by the Starlink satellite dish, ensuring minimal loss of performance within the network.

Ease of Setup:

  • User-Friendly: The Starlink kit includes everything needed for setup, with a straightforward process guided by the Starlink app. Users typically find the setup intuitive, involving connecting the dish, router, and user terminal, then configuring the system via the app.
  • Plug-and-Play: The Starlink system is designed for easy plug-and-play setup, making it accessible even for those with minimal technical expertise.

Professional Installation Benefits:

  • Optimal Placement: Professionals can identify the best location for the satellite dish, ensuring the clearest view of the sky and avoiding potential obstructions, which maximizes performance.
  • Custom Mounting Solutions: Professional installers can provide custom mounts to securely attach the dish to rooftops, walls, or poles, ensuring stability and protection from the elements.
  • Integration: Experts can seamlessly integrate Starlink with existing network infrastructure, including additional systems like Ubiquiti for enhanced security and audio-visual capabilities.
  • Cable Management: Proper routing and securing of cables to protect against weather and physical damage, ensuring a neat and reliable installation.
  • Technical Expertise: Professionals bring technical knowledge and experience, addressing any potential issues during installation and ensuring optimal setup.



  • Cost Savings: Self-installation can save on professional installation fees.
  • Flexibility: Users can set up the system at their convenience, following the provided guidelines and support from the Starlink app.


While self-installation is feasible and often straightforward, professional installation offers significant advantages in terms of performance, reliability, and integration, particularly for complex setups.

Starlink, initially marketed as a DIY installation, now demands expertise for optimal performance. Many aren’t aware that additional equipment such as ethernet adaptors, longer cables, mesh systems, and suitable mounts might be necessary to maximise speeds and ensure the longevity of the installation, thus protecting your monthly subscription. Our skilled engineers will meticulously choose the ideal spot on your house for the setup, emphasising a careful, discreet, and tidy installation to seamlessly blend with your home. As a result, many of our customers experience speeds in excess of 200 Mbps, showcasing the effectiveness of a professionally managed installation.

Every property is unique, and our initial consultations aim to give a preliminary estimate, fine-tuned after a thorough survey. Installation quotes typically range between £350-£600. Our services include comprehensive Starlink installation, covering dish mounting, network cable installation, and router setup, ensuring seamless Wi-Fi connectivity throughout your property. Additionally, should there be any specific network-related issues in your home or business, troubleshooting them may involve an additional fee.

The installation process typically takes approximately 1-3 hours, with the duration varying based on your specific home setup. After the installation is complete, it’s important to note that it may take up to a full 12 hours for the Starlink system to achieve optimal performance. During this time, the system undergoes several essential tasks, including downloading the latest drivers, scanning and mapping the satellites in proximity to the dish, and calculating the optimal positions for communication with the various satellites overhead. This waiting period ensures the best possible performance for your Starlink connection.

Your Starlink Kit arrives complete with all the essentials required to get you online within minutes. This comprehensive kit includes your Starlink equipment, a WiFi router, all necessary cables, and a base, ensuring a hassle-free setup process.

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