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Starlink Installation in Wrexham

Starlink Installation in Wrexham: The Perils of DIY and the Benefits of Professional Setup

Starlink installation in Wrexham
Starlink installation in Wrexham


In the connectivity-challenged area of Wrexham, a homeowner’s self-attempt to install their Starlink dish revealed the complexities and potential pitfalls of DIY satellite installations. This blog explores why professional Starlink installation in Wrexham is critical, especially in environments that pose unique challenges, and how expert intervention transformed a disappointing experience into a technological success.

Before you continue reading…If you live in Wales there is grant scheme available for Starlink Installations. Find out more in the next paragraph.

Welsh Government Grant Scheme for Upgrading to Starlink

To address the connectivity issues prevalent in the more rural communities of Wales, where full fibre installations during and post-COVID-19 were primarily concentrated along the west coast without reaching many secluded areas, the Welsh Government has introduced a grant scheme to support homeowners looking to upgrade their internet service providers to solutions like Starlink.

Recognising the unique challenges faced by these communities, the scheme offers up to £800 to help cover the costs associated with switching to more reliable and faster internet services such as satellite internet provided by Starlink.

This initiative aims to bridge the digital divide and ensure that residents in less accessible areas can enjoy the benefits of high-speed internet, which is crucial for everything from daily communications to remote working opportunities.

Anyway…where were we? Ah yes, the curse of DIY installs.

The Challenge of DIY Starlink Installation

The homeowner in Wrexham initially tried to install their Starlink dish independently. Despite the straightforward appearance of DIY kits, significant issues arose that severely impacted the performance of their satellite internet. The problems stemmed not from the hardware but from the installation and placement of the dish.

Failed DIY Starlink install
Failed DIY Starlink install

Common DIY Installation Issues:

  • Obstructions: The dish was installed too close to the roofline, with nearby trees further blocking the line of sight to the satellite, significantly reducing signal strength.
  • Safety Risks: DIY installations can lead to personal injuries from falls or accidents, especially when mounting dishes on high or precarious locations like rooftops.
  • Suboptimal Performance: Incorrect positioning can lead to poor signal reception, affecting internet speed and the overall user experience with the product.

The Importance of Professional Installation

Realising the challenges, the homeowner reached out to Starlink Installation Pros. Our team assessed the situation and decided to reposition the dish to an optimal location using a chimney lashing kit, ensuring it was elevated above any obstructions.

Starlink installation in Wrexham using a chimney lashing kit
Starlink installation in Wrexham using a chimney lashing kit

Steps Taken in the Professional Starlink Installation in Wrexham:

  • Chimney Lashing Kit: This method was used to securely mount the dish well above any potential obstructions, providing a clear path for the satellite signal.
  • Optimal Placement: Careful consideration of the dish’s location relative to the surroundings eliminated previous issues, maximising signal reception.
  • Network Enhancement: To address the connectivity issues within the home, particularly given its thick walls, we installed a comprehensive mesh system to ensure robust Wi-Fi coverage throughout the property.

Results and Impact

The professional installation provided significant improvements:

  • Enhanced Speeds: Internet speeds increased dramatically to over 250 Mbps, providing the fast, reliable service that Starlink is known for.
  • Return of Additional Hardware: With the system now functioning optimally, the unnecessary second dish that the homeowner had purchased could be returned, saving them further expenses.
  • Satisfaction and Safety: The client was highly satisfied not only with the performance but also with the safety and aesthetics of the professional installation.


The case in Wrexham is a potent reminder of the risks and complications associated with DIY Starlink installations. While they may seem simple, achieving optimal placement and installation can be intricate, requiring professional expertise and tools. Starlink Installation Pros exists to ensure that users maximise their investment in this advanced satellite technology, avoiding unnecessary risks and enhancing their overall experience. This scenario underscores the value of expert installation services, which convert problematic installations into seamless, high-performance connectivity solutions, proving that professional assistance is often essential.

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