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Starlink Installation in Upminster, London

Starlink Installation in Upminster: Reinstallation and Performance Upgrade

Starlink installation in Upminster, Greater London
Starlink installation in Upminster, Greater London

Starlink Installation In Upminster Intro

A new homeowner in Upminster took over a property that included a pre-installed Starlink system which, without the accompanying router, had been left non-operational. Keep reading to find out more about this Starlink Installation In Upminster. The task involved a straightforward reinstallation of the Starlink dish and router to restore and enhance the home’s broadband capabilities. This blog post explores the processes involved in the upgrade and the substantial benefits it brought to the property.

Reinstallation Process

The existing installation required a professional overhaul to meet the new homeowner’s standards and to ensure optimal functionality. The original setup was removed, and a new, more visually appealing installation was performed. This involved carefully positioning the Starlink dish in a location that not only preserved the aesthetic appeal of the property but also maximised signal reception for improved broadband speeds.

Why We Prefer to Install Starlink on the Rear of Properties

Starlink Installation Pros typically prefers to install equipment on the rear of properties to maintain curb appeal. This strategic choice ensures that the necessary technological enhancements do not detract from the front-facing aesthetic of a home, which is crucial for preserving or improving property values. By positioning the dish discreetly at the back, the installation remains functional and efficient without compromising the visual appeal and first impressions of the property, especially in neighbourhoods where appearance plays a key role in home valuation. This approach keeps the technology accessible yet unobtrusive, aligning with homeowner preferences for minimal visual impact.

Strategic Router Placement

The router was installed in the living room, adjacent to the smart TV, which is the focal point for the household’s entertainment needs. Utilising an existing hole for cable entry, the installation was neat and unobtrusive, ensuring that the living area remained tidy while being equipped with high-speed internet access. This placement optimised the use of space and resources while providing immediate connectivity benefits where they were most needed.

Starlink Installation in Upminster. Chimney Lashing Kit and Router next to Smart TV
Starlink Installation in Upminster. Chimney Lashing Kit and Router next to Smart TV

Client Satisfaction and Performance

The client was extremely satisfied with the outcome of the installation. The strategic placement of both the dish and the router facilitated internet speeds surpassing 120 Mbps, providing the household with the capability to enjoy high-definition streaming, online gaming, and seamless internet browsing. The enhanced setup not only catered to their immediate connectivity needs but also set a solid foundation for future technological enhancements.

Starlink installation in Upminster, Speed Test
Starlink installation in Upminster, Speed Test


The Starlink reinstallation in Upminster represents a perfect integration of form and functionality. By addressing the aesthetic concerns and optimising the setup for performance, the new installation has significantly enhanced the property’s value and the homeowner’s lifestyle. The project highlights the importance of professional installation and strategic planning in achieving the best possible outcomes from advanced technology solutions like Starlink.


Why is professional installation important for satellite internet systems like Starlink?

Professional installation ensures that the satellite dish is positioned for optimal signal reception and securely mounted to withstand environmental elements, which are crucial for maintaining reliable and fast internet connectivity.

What are the benefits of placing a router near a smart TV?

Placing the router near a smart TV or other central entertainment systems ensures that devices requiring the most bandwidth receive strong, stable connections, enhancing the overall online experience with reduced buffering and interruptions.

How can future enhancements like a wireless mesh system improve connectivity?

Adding a wireless mesh system in the future can further enhance the home’s internet coverage, ensuring consistent and strong Wi-Fi signals across all areas of the property, especially in larger homes where coverage can otherwise be uneven.

What should homeowners consider when planning the location for a satellite dish installation?

Homeowners should consider factors such as unobstructed views of the sky, the proximity to the main areas of internet usage, and aesthetic impacts on the property. Consulting with a professional can help determine the best installation spots to balance functionality and property aesthetics.

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