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Starlink Installation in Shepperton, Surrey


Deep within the quiet lanes of Shepperton, Surrey, on a private road devoid of full fibre options, lies a unique challenge for connecting remote homes to the internet. This article delves into a Starlink installation that exemplifies the innovative solutions required to bridge the connectivity gap in areas where traditional broadband services falter.

The Challenge of a Starlink Installation in Shepperton

This case study focuses on a Starlink installation on a private road in Shepperton, where conventional internet infrastructure is lacking. Given the location’s isolation from mainstream broadband networks, residents have turned to satellite internet as their primary means for high-speed connectivity, essential for effective remote work.

Starlink Pros Tailored Installation Approach

The installation team at Starlink Installation Pros designed a custom solution to meet both the functional and aesthetic needs of the Shepperton home. Recognising the limitations of traditional mounting methods and the specific requirements of the property, the team opted for a chimney lashing kit.

Installation Highlights:

  • Chimney-mounted dish: Utilised a lashing kit to secure the dish to a non-active chimney, ensuring stability and optimal positioning at the highest point of the home for maximum signal reception.
  • Cable management: The routing of cables was meticulously planned to ensure they remained discreet, preserving the property’s visual appeal and integrity. In this instance we used trunking to hide the dark grey cable.
  • Mesh network setup: To combat connectivity issues commonly faced in remote setups, a robust mesh network was installed to provide complete Wi-Fi coverage throughout the home.

starlink installation in shepperton using a chimney lashing kit
Starlink installation in shepperton using a chimney lashing kit

Technological Integration

The strategic placement of the Starlink dish using a chimney lashing kit not only addressed the installation challenges but also maximised the system’s performance. This setup achieved exceptional internet speeds well over 100 Mbps, showcasing Starlink’s capacity to deliver superior connectivity in less accessible areas. The mesh network system played a vital role, ensuring that every corner of the property had access to strong and reliable Wi-Fi, vital for modern living demands such as streaming, online work, and managing smart home devices.

Impact on Resident’s Lifestyle

The introduction of Starlink has revolutionised the lifestyle of the Shepperton residents, enabling them to integrate modern digital conveniences seamlessly into their daily lives. Enhanced connectivity has made remote working, high-definition streaming, and smart technology use entirely feasible, significantly improving their quality of life without disturbing the scenic charm of their surroundings.

FAQs about Residential Starlink Installation in Shepperton

  1. How is a chimney lashing kit used in installations like this?
    • A chimney lashing kit is employed to mount the dish securely to a non-active chimney, which is typically the highest point on a property, providing an unobstructed line of sight for optimal signal reception.
  2. What are the internet speeds that can be expected with a chimney-mounted Starlink dish?
    • Similar to other setups, chimney-mounted Starlink dishes can deliver speeds exceeding 100 Mbps, depending on the specific environmental conditions and geographic location.
  3. What considerations are taken when installing on a chimney?
    • The chimney must be structurally sound and non-active to ensure safety and stability. The installation is performed only after thorough assessment by qualified engineers to confirm that it is safe and feasible.
  4. What maintenance does the Starlink equipment require in such installations?
    • While generally low-maintenance, it is advisable to periodically check the dish for any debris or damage, especially given its elevated position, and ensure that the system’s firmware is up to date.
  5. Can the installation be modified or expanded in the future?
    • Yes, Starlink systems are highly adaptable. If needed, additional mesh nodes can be added to extend coverage or boost signal strength, and adjustments to dish positioning can be made to enhance performance.


The successful deployment of Starlink in Shepperton using a chimney lashing kit illustrates the innovative approaches employed to overcome connectivity challenges in remote or unconventional settings. This installation not only respects the architectural aesthetics of the home but also significantly boosts its functionality, demonstrating that advanced technology and rural charm can coexist harmoniously. As technology progresses, Starlink Installation Pros continue to pioneer customised, effective solutions for diverse and complex environments.

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