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Starlink Installation in Salisbury, Wiltshire

Starlink Installation in Salisbury: Overcoming Structural Challenges for Optimal Internet


Installing Starlink in properties with unique structural challenges requires creativity and expertise. This case study examines a recent Starlink installation in Salisbury, where typical mounting options were unsuitable. Starlink Installation Pros demonstrated their skills by devising an unconventional solution that still delivered excellent internet speeds.

Starlink Installation in Salisbury
Starlink Installation in Salisbury

Project Overview

Client Requirements

The client in Salisbury needed a reliable and fast internet connection provided by Starlink to support streaming, gaming, and remote work. However, the property presented several challenges:

  • Active chimney stacks emitting heat, smoke, and soot.
  • One gable end under renovation.
  • The other gable end was highly visible from the road.
  • Walls scheduled for rendering.


Given these constraints, the Standard Actuated Starlink (Gen 2) was mounted on a fence panel, ensuring stable and high-speed internet connectivity.

Installation Process by Starlink Installation Pros

Assessing Mounting Options

Starlink Installation Pros evaluated the property to determine viable mounting locations:

  • Chimney Stacks: Eliminated due to active use.
  • Gable Ends: One was under construction, and the other needed to remain visually appealing.
  • Walls: Ineligible due to upcoming rendering work.

Mounting on a Fence Panel

The team decided to mount the Starlink dish on a reinforced fence panel:

  • Reinforcing the Fence Panel: Ensured it could support the dish securely.
  • Optimal Positioning: Placed the dish to maximize satellite visibility despite the lower height.

Installation Details

  1. Mounting the Dish: Securely positioned on the reinforced fence panel.
  2. Cable Management: Neatly routed and secured cables to protect from environmental damage and maintain aesthetics.
  3. System Setup: Configured the Standard Actuated Starlink (Gen 2) system and conducted performance tests.

Performance Results

Despite the unconventional mounting height, the installation achieved impressive speeds well over 160 Mbps, showcasing the effectiveness of the professional Starlink installation.

Benefits of the Professional Starlink Installation

Expertise in Overcoming Challenges

Starlink Installation Pros utilised their expertise to:

  • Develop a creative solution for mounting in a challenging environment.
  • Ensure the installation was both functional and visually unobtrusive.

Reliable and High-Speed Connectivity

The professional installation provided:

  • Robust internet suitable for streaming, gaming, and remote work.
  • Consistent performance despite the unconventional mounting solution.


This Starlink installation in Salisbury highlights how professional expertise can overcome significant challenges to provide exceptional internet service. By mounting the dish on a fence panel, Starlink Installation Pros ensured the client enjoyed robust and high-speed connectivity. This case demonstrates the importance of professional installations in achieving optimal performance, regardless of structural constraints.


1. What is included in a professional Starlink installation? A comprehensive installation includes the Starlink dish, router, power supply, mounting hardware, and necessary cables, all configured for optimal performance and appearance.

2. How do installers manage unconventional mounting challenges? They assess the site and devise strategic solutions, such as alternative mounting spots, to ensure clear satellite visibility and robust connectivity.

3. What speeds can be expected from a Starlink installation? Speeds can vary, but this case study achieved well over 160 Mbps, demonstrating the potential for high-performance connectivity.

4. Why is professional cable management important? It protects cables from damage, ensures neatness, and maintains the property’s aesthetic appeal.

5. How do Starlink Installation Pros ensure stability in challenging conditions? They use appropriate hardware and strategic positioning to ensure stable, reliable, and long-lasting installations.

For residents in Salisbury and across Berkshire, professional Starlink installations by Starlink Installation Pros offer reliable, high-speed internet connectivity tailored to meet individual needs.

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