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Starlink Installation in Putney, London

Starlink Installation in Putney: Enhancing Connectivity for a Broadcasting Business


In the bustling urban environment of Putney, where full fibre is typically the norm, choosing Starlink may seem unorthodox. However, for properties limited to Fibre to the Cabinet (FTTC), which relies on copper lines, or for those requiring a reliable backup, Starlink presents an optimal solution. This blog explores a sophisticated Starlink installation in Putney, designed to meet the high demands of a broadcasting business, using a chimney lashing kit to ensure both aesthetic and functional excellence.

The Unique Challenge in Putney

The project in Putney was no ordinary task. The client, a professional broadcaster, needed an upgrade from an outdated Ubiquiti mesh system to support their expanding business requirements. The installation posed significant challenges due to the structural complexities of the urban property and the client’s high standards for both functionality and design.

Strategic Approach to Installation

To address these challenges, Starlink Installation Pros opted for a chimney lashing kit, which not only facilitated optimal dish placement for unobstructed signal reception but also adhered to the client’s requirement for an aesthetically pleasing setup.

Key Features of the Installation:

  • Chimney Lashing Kit: The choice to use a chimney lashing kit was driven by the need to secure the dish at the highest possible point on the property while maintaining a low-profile appearance.
  • Concealed Cable Routing: Special care was taken to ensure that the cable runs were completely hidden from view, preserving the aesthetic integrity of the property’s exterior.
  • System Upgrade: The existing Ubiquiti mesh system was completely overhauled and replaced with the latest networking technology to handle the high-speed demands of broadcasting.

Starlink installation in Putney, London using a chimney lashing kit
Starlink installation in Putney, London using a chimney lashing kit

Technological and Aesthetic Integration

This installation was not only about upgrading to faster internet; it was about integrating a system that could handle mission-critical tasks without compromising the visual appeal of the property. The new setup provided robust connectivity that could support live broadcasts, large file transfers, and high-definition video streaming – all essential for the client’s business.

Why Starlink in London?

While London is well-served by full fibre options, properties with only FTTC face significant limitations in bandwidth and reliability, which can impede businesses that depend heavily on internet connectivity. In this context, Starlink offers a substantial improvement with its high-speed satellite internet. Furthermore, for businesses like broadcasting where connectivity is mission-critical, having Starlink as a contingency ensures there is no downtime.

Impact on the Client’s Business

The advanced Starlink system has transformed the client’s operational capabilities, enabling more reliable and faster broadcasting workflows. The seamless internet connection ensures that live broadcasts are delivered without interruption, and file uploads and communications are markedly more efficient.

FAQs about Commercial Starlink Installation in Putney

  1. Why choose Starlink when full fibre is available?
    • Starlink provides a reliable alternative or backup for areas where FTTC is the only fibre option, offering speeds and stability that FTTC cannot match, crucial for businesses that rely on constant internet access.
  2. How does a chimney lashing kit benefit urban installations?
    • It allows for the dish to be positioned discreetly and securely at the highest point, maximising signal quality while adhering to urban aesthetic standards.
  3. Can Starlink integrate with existing business networks?
    • Absolutely. Starlink can replace or work alongside existing networks, providing enhancements in speed and reliability tailored to specific business needs.
  4. What are the aesthetic considerations for installations in visible areas?
    • Installations focus on minimising visual impact, with strategic placement and hidden cabling to maintain the property’s appearance.
  5. Is there ongoing support for commercial Starlink installations?
    • Yes, ongoing support is provided to ensure the network remains optimal for business operations, with regular updates and maintenance as needed.


The Starlink installation in Putney exemplifies how satellite internet can be a strategic choice for London businesses requiring reliable and high-speed internet. By overcoming the limitations of FTTC with a cutting-edge upgrade and meticulous installation, Starlink Installation Pros not only enhanced the client’s broadcasting capabilities but also ensured that the property maintained its aesthetic charm. This project underscores Starlink’s role as a versatile and reliable internet solution, even in the most connected cities.

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