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Starlink Installation in Fareham, Hampshire

Starlink Installation in Fareham: Overcoming Challenges for Optimal Connectivity


Reliable internet connectivity is essential in today’s digital age, but achieving it can be challenging in certain locations. This case study details a professional Starlink installation in Fareham, where Starlink Installation Pros overcame significant access difficulties to provide robust internet service. Despite poor access to the front and rear of the property and the need for a much taller mast, the installation achieved impressive results, with speeds of up to 198 Mbps.

Starlink Installation in Fareham
Starlink Installation in Fareham

Project Overview

Client Requirements

The client, residing in a flat in Fareham, required a stable and high-speed internet connection capable of supporting multiple devices and activities, including streaming, online gaming, and remote work.


Given the unique challenges of the property, the Standard Starlink package was selected. The installation included:

  • Erecting a 12-foot mast to provide adequate clearance above the building.
  • Using a much larger bracket to ensure the stability of the taller mast.
  • Ensuring neat and secure cable management to maintain aesthetic appeal.

Installation Process by Starlink Installation Pros

Addressing Access Challenges

The installation posed significant challenges due to poor access to both the front and rear of the property. Starlink Installation Pros devised a strategic plan to navigate these difficulties, ensuring minimal disruption to the client and surrounding properties.

Mast and Bracket Installation

To achieve the necessary height for the Starlink dish to clear the building’s obstructions, a 12-foot mast was installed. This required:

  • A larger, sturdier bracket to support the increased height and weight.
  • Precise placement to ensure the dish had a clear line of sight to the satellites, maximizing connectivity performance.

Cable Management

Professional cable management was crucial to maintain the installation’s neatness and functionality. The cables were securely routed to protect them from environmental damage and to preserve the property’s aesthetics.

Performance Results

Upon completing the installation, the Starlink system achieved impressive speeds of up to 198 Mbps, significantly enhancing the client’s internet experience. This performance underscores the effectiveness of the professional installation and the strategic solutions employed to overcome the site’s challenges.

Starlink installation in Fareham speeds
Starlink installation in Fareham speeds

Benefits of Professional Starlink Installation

Enhanced Connectivity

The professional Starlink installation provided the client with:

  • High-speed internet capable of supporting multiple high-demand applications.
  • Reliable connectivity for streaming, gaming, and remote work.

Professional and Neat Installation

The use of a larger bracket and a taller mast, along with meticulous cable management, ensured a professional and aesthetically pleasing installation. Starlink Installation Pros are committed to delivering high-quality, reliable installations that meet clients’ needs and exceed their expectations.


This Starlink installation in Fareham demonstrates how professional Starlink installers can overcome significant challenges to provide exceptional internet service. The strategic use of a 12-foot mast and a robust bracket ensured the Starlink dish had the necessary clearance, resulting in impressive connectivity speeds. For residents in Fareham and beyond, Starlink Installation Pros offer expert solutions to achieve optimal internet performance.


1. What is included in a professional Starlink installation? A professional Starlink installation includes the Starlink dish, router, power supply, mounting hardware, and necessary cables, all installed to ensure optimal performance and aesthetic appeal.

2. How do Starlink installers handle access challenges? Starlink installers assess the site and develop strategic solutions, such as using taller masts or custom brackets, to overcome access challenges and ensure clear satellite visibility.

3. What speeds can be expected from a Starlink installation? Speeds can vary, but in this case study, the installation achieved up to 198 Mbps, demonstrating the potential for high-performance connectivity with a professional install.

4. Why is professional cable management important? Professional cable management protects cables from environmental damage, ensures neatness, and maintains the aesthetic appeal of the property.

5. How do Starlink Installation Pros ensure stability in their installations? Starlink Installation Pros use appropriate mounting hardware and brackets to ensure stability, even in challenging conditions, providing reliable and long-lasting installations.

For residents in Fareham and across Berkshire, professional Starlink installations by Starlink Installation Pros offer reliable, high-speed internet connectivity tailored to meet individual needs.

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