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Starlink Install in Romney Marsh, Kent

Starlink Installation in Romney Marsh: Overcoming Coastal Winds

Starlink Install in Romney Marsh, Kent
Starlink Install in Romney Marsh, Kent


In the unique coastal setting of Kent, a Starlink install in Romney Marsh presented distinct challenges due to the property’s exposure to persistent high winds and its timber cladding, which complicates secure dish mounting. This blog explores how integrating a robust mesh system not only resolved connectivity issues but also optimised the network’s performance across the property.

Starlink Install in Romney Marsh Challenges

The property’s location right on the seafront, without natural windbreakers such as trees, significantly impacted the initial installation conditions. Timber cladding, while aesthetically pleasing, posed additional difficulties due to the weight of the Starlink dish and the dynamic weather conditions, raising concerns about the long-term stability and performance of the installation. The installation team had to creatively adapt by positioning the dish down the side of an alleyway, ensuring a clear line of sight to the sky, albeit lower than preferred.

Starlink Install in Romney Marsh Cable and Router Placement
Starlink Install in Romney Marsh Cable and Router Placement

Strategic Router Placement

Due to the lack of a mesh system, Starlink Installation Pros opted to place the router in the entertaining part of the property. Thi location not only facilitated easy access to high-speed internet for streaming and smart home applications but also became the central connectivity hub for the residence. We used a blast plate on the exterior of the property and a brush plate on the interior to ensure a neat job.

The Need for a Mesh System

Post-installation, the client experienced varied speeds, with 126 Mbps near the router but a drop to 96 Mbps in more distant areas of the home. These fluctuations highlighted the need for a mesh system to ensure uniform Wi-Fi coverage throughout the property. Starlink’s own recommendations and a visible warning in their interface underscored the advantages of integrating a mesh network.

Starlink Install in Romney Marsh, Speed Test
Starlink Install in Romney Marsh, Speed Test

Benefits of Mesh Systems for Coastal Properties

Mesh systems, like the TP-Link Deco X55 and Google Nest WiFi Pro, are particularly beneficial for properties in challenging environments like Romney Marsh. These systems extend Wi-Fi coverage seamlessly across large areas and through potential signal obstructions caused by the property’s unique architectural features.

Enhanced Network Stability and Speed

The TP-Link Deco X55, with WiFi 6 technology, covers up to 6500 sq. ft. and supports speeds up to 3000 Mbps, ensuring that signal strength remains robust across all areas of the home​ (Gagadget)​​ (RouterFreak)​. Similarly, the Google Nest WiFi Pro operates on a tri-band system, including the new 6 GHz band, which significantly reduces interference and boosts overall network performance​ (Gagadget)​.

Smart Network Management

Both systems feature smart network management capabilities. They automatically adjust to network demands and user behavior, maintaining optimal performance without manual intervention. This is crucial in a setting where environmental factors might otherwise disrupt connectivity.


The Starlink installation in Romney Marsh exemplifies how advanced networking technology, such as mesh systems, can overcome environmental and architectural challenges to provide reliable, high-speed internet in remote coastal locations. By adapting the installation strategy to the unique demands of the property and integrating a powerful mesh system, the homeowners now enjoy stable and fast internet connectivity that supports all their digital activities, regardless of where they are in the home.


Why is a mesh system recommended for homes in exposed locations?

Just like this Starlink Install in Romney Marsh, a mesh system provides extensive and uniform Wi-Fi coverage, crucial in homes where environmental conditions can disrupt signal strength, ensuring that connectivity is maintained across all areas of the property.

What are the advantages of installing the router near entertainment systems?

Installing the router near entertainment systems like smart TVs ensures that devices requiring the most bandwidth have direct, robust connections, enhancing streaming quality and reducing buffering.

How does timber cladding affect satellite dish installations?

Timber cladding can complicate satellite dish installations due to its relatively low structural support for heavy equipment and susceptibility to damage from environmental exposures, necessitating more careful planning and specialized mounting solutions.

Can mesh systems replace traditional Wi-Fi extenders?

Yes, mesh systems can replace traditional Wi-Fi extenders as they provide more seamless coverage without the need for separate network names and often offer better bandwidth management and user experience.

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