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Starlink Install in Luddesdown, Kent


Achieving reliable and high-speed internet in rural areas can be a challenge. This case study details a recent Starlink install in Luddesdown, Kent, where the property’s remote location and surrounding tall trees presented significant challenges. By utilising an existing mount and bracket, and optimising the positioning of the dish, we successfully provided the client with exceptional internet speeds. Here, we compare the performance of Starlink with other internet options available in the UK, highlighting why Starlink is an excellent choice for rural properties.

Starlink install in Luddesdown, Kent
Starlink install in Luddesdown, Kent

Starlink Install in Luddesdown Overview

The rural property in Luddesdown was surrounded by tall trees, making it difficult to achieve a clear line of sight for the Starlink dish. To help save the customer money, Starlink Installation Pros used an existing mount and bracket, and employed a Generation 2 pipe adapter to ensure a secure fit. After spending considerable time optimising the dish’s positioning, the client was able to achieve speeds close to 200 Mbps.

Comparing Starlink Speeds with Other Internet Options

UK FTTC (Fibre to the Cabinet)

Fibre to the Cabinet (FTTC) is a common broadband option in the UK, where the fibre connection runs to the street cabinet and copper wires carry the connection to the home.

  • Average Speeds: FTTC typically offers speeds of around 30-70 Mbps, depending on the distance from the cabinet.

UK FTTP (Fibre to the Premises)

Fibre to the Premises (FTTP) provides a full fibre connection directly to the home, offering much higher speeds.

  • Average Speeds: FTTP can offer speeds ranging from 100 Mbps up to 1 Gbps, with higher reliability and lower latency than FTTC.

4G and 5G Routers

Mobile networks provide another alternative for internet connectivity, especially in rural areas.

  • 4G Routers: These typically offer speeds of 20-50 Mbps, though performance can vary significantly based on signal strength and network congestion.
  • 5G Routers: These can offer much higher speeds, often ranging from 100 Mbps to 300 Mbps, but coverage is still limited in many rural areas.

Other Satellite Broadband Providers

Traditional satellite broadband services are another option, but they generally offer lower speeds and higher latency compared to Starlink.

  • Average Speeds: Typical speeds range from 10-30 Mbps, with higher latency due to the greater distance the signal must travel.

Why Starlink is the Best Choice for Rural Properties

After full fibre (FTTP), Starlink stands out as the best choice for rural properties for several reasons:

  • High Speeds: With consistent speeds close to 200 Mbps, Starlink significantly outperforms FTTC, 4G, and other satellite broadband providers.
  • Low Latency: Starlink offers lower latency compared to traditional satellite services, making it suitable for real-time applications like video conferencing and online gaming.
  • Availability: Unlike FTTP, which is limited to certain areas, Starlink can provide high-speed internet access in remote and rural locations where other services are unavailable.

Starlink install in Luddesdown, Kent - Speed Test
Starlink install in Luddesdown, Kent – Speed Test

Installation Process and Results

The professional team at Starlink Installation Pros ensured a seamless installation process:

Utilising Existing Infrastructure

To save the customer money, we utilised an existing mount and bracket. This not only reduced costs but also ensured a sturdy and secure setup for the Starlink dish.

Optimising Dish Positioning

Surrounded by tall trees, the property required careful positioning of the Starlink dish to achieve the best possible signal. Our team spent considerable time finding the optimal spot, ensuring minimal obstructions and maximum performance.

Achieving High Speeds

After the installation and optimisation, the client achieved speeds close to 200 Mbps, a significant improvement over other available options in the area.


The Starlink install in Luddesdown, Kent, demonstrates the effectiveness of professional Starlink installation and the superiority of Starlink for rural internet connectivity. By using an existing mount and bracket, and optimising the dish positioning, we provided the client with high-speed, reliable internet service. For rural properties, especially those surrounded by natural obstructions, Starlink offers an unmatched combination of speed, reliability, and availability.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How does Starlink compare to FTTC in terms of speed?

Starlink offers significantly higher speeds, up to 200 Mbps, compared to FTTC, which typically ranges from 30-70 Mbps.

2. What are the advantages of using Starlink in rural areas?

Starlink provides high-speed internet with low latency, is available in remote locations, and offers better performance than traditional satellite broadband and mobile networks.

3. How can existing mounts and brackets be used in a Starlink installation?

Using existing mounts and brackets can save costs and provide a secure setup for the Starlink dish, as demonstrated in the Luddesdown installation.

4. What steps are involved in optimising Starlink dish positioning?

Optimising the dish involves finding a location with minimal obstructions, often requiring careful assessment and adjustment to ensure the best possible signal.

5. Is Starlink a good alternative to FTTP for rural properties?

Yes, Starlink is an excellent alternative to FTTP for rural properties, offering high speeds and reliable connectivity where FTTP is not available.

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