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Starlink Installation in Hatfield: Enhancing WiFi Connectivity in Larger Properties

Starlink Install in Hatfield, Hertfordshire
Starlink Install in Hatfield, Hertfordshire


In the charming area of Hertfordshire, known for its historical estates and modern residences, a recent Starlink installation in Hatfield by Starlink Installation Pros has significantly upgraded the internet capabilities of a larger property. This article explores the integration of advanced satellite technology with strategic mesh Wi-Fi systems to enhance broadband accessibility and reliability across larger or older buildings.

Starlink Install in Hatfield Overview

For this specific installation, the setting posed a unique challenge due to the property’s size and the architectural complexity often found in older homes. The Starlink dish was expertly mounted on the chimney, an optimal location that provides clear, unobstructed access to the sky, which is crucial for satellite internet. A lengthy 150-foot cable was utilised to connect the dish to the modem located at the front of the property, replacing the previous BT service and activating the high-speed capabilities of Starlink.

Integration of Mesh Wi-Fi Systems

To ensure comprehensive Wi-Fi coverage throughout the sprawling property, a trio of TP-Link Deco S4 mesh units were installed. These mesh systems are essential for extending Wi-Fi coverage in larger homes or structures made with materials that traditionally impede wireless signals. The Deco S4 units were strategically placed—one in the utility room, one in the office, and the main unit near the Starlink setup—to facilitate robust and uniform internet coverage. This setup not only enhances signal strength but also eliminates dead zones, creating a seamless internet experience across different floors and rooms.
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Technical and Aesthetic Considerations

Starlink Installation Pros specialises in custom mounting solutions that not only focus on the functional aspects of technology but also consider the aesthetic integration into existing home designs. By installing the dish on the chimney, the visual impact on the property’s exterior was minimised, maintaining the historical charm of the home while bringing it into the 21st century with cutting-edge technology.

Performance and Client Satisfaction

The installation has led to a dramatic improvement in internet speeds and stability. The client reported achieving speeds in excess of 180 Mbps, a significant enhancement that supports multiple users, streaming services, and smart home devices without lag or interruption. The satisfaction expressed by the client underscores the effectiveness of combining Starlink’s satellite technology with TP-Link’s mesh systems, particularly in settings where traditional broadband services fall short.


The Starlink installation in Hatfield represents a perfect blend of old and new, where innovative technology meets traditional architecture. This project highlights the potential of satellite internet to transform connectivity in areas where conventional broadband services are inadequate or unavailable. The strategic use of mesh Wi-Fi systems like the Deco S4 ensures that every corner of the property stays connected, proving that even the most challenging environments can achieve exceptional internet speeds and reliability.


What is a mesh Wi-Fi system, and why is it important for larger properties?

A mesh Wi-Fi system consists of multiple router-like devices placed around the property to create a single, seamless Wi-Fi network. It is crucial for larger properties to ensure consistent signal strength and coverage across all areas, eliminating dead zones.

How does Starlink internet work?

Starlink uses a constellation of low Earth orbit (LEO) satellites to provide high-speed internet by beaming signals directly to a dish installed at the user’s location. This technology bypasses the need for traditional ground-based infrastructure, making high-speed internet accessible in remote and rural areas.

What are the benefits of mounting the Starlink dish on a chimney?

Mounting the dish on a chimney provides a high, clear vantage point, free from obstructions that could block the line of sight to satellites. This placement is ideal for maximising signal reception and broadband speeds.

Can Starlink replace traditional broadband services?

Yes, Starlink can replace traditional broadband, especially in areas where ground-based internet services are unreliable or unavailable. It offers competitive speeds and lower latency, making it a viable primary internet service for many users.

How do I choose the right location for mesh units in my home?

The placement of mesh units should be strategic to cover all areas of the home effectively. Units should be placed in central locations on each floor and in areas where Wi-Fi usage is high. Avoid placing units near large metal objects and appliances that could interfere with the signal.

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