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Fixing a BAD Starlink Install in Falkirk

Fixing a Bad Starlink Install in Falkirk: The Importance of Professional Installation


A recent call from a resident in Falkirk highlighted a critical issue with Starlink installations performed by underqualified or rushed local installers. This blog post discusses a specific case where a poorly executed Starlink install in Falkirk led to subpar service and how a professional installation can make a significant difference in performance and reliability.

The Problem with the Initial Installation

The customer reached out after experiencing consistently low speeds and frequent service disruptions with their Residential Starlink service, which was initially installed by a local tradesman. Upon requesting photos of the existing setup, it became evident that the installation standards were far from satisfactory.

Bad Starlink Install in Falkirk
Bad Starlink Install in Falkirk

Now to the untrained eye…this may look like a standard install but it is one of the worst we have seen…apart from the one we once saw installed in a tree or the installs where the same mount is bolted to a paving slab and slung up on a flat roof.

Here’s why this install is far from ideal.

Issues Identified:

  • Improper Mounting: The dish was installed using a ground mount positioned on the side of the property underneath the soffit, a method that severely restricted the dish’s view of the sky.
  • Poor Signal Reception: Due to the suboptimal placement, the dish struggled to maintain a clear line of sight to Starlink’s satellites, resulting in speeds not exceeding 20 Mbps and regular dropouts every 2 minutes.
  • Unsuitable Equipment Use: Similar to some installations where the ground mount is simply attached to a paving stone on a flat roof, this approach does not secure the dish adequately nor does it elevate the dish to avoid obstructions. You’ll see the warning below “Mast not vertical”

Starlink Stats including obstructions and installation warnings
Starlink Stats including obstructions and installation warnings

TOP TIP: Check for yellow or red beams on your app as seen on the diagram on the left. This will tell you something is wrong with either the cable or the dish itself. The obstruction map was clearly never used in this instance. The red on the obstruction map is where the dis is pointing at the soffit.

Why Professional Starlink Installation Matters

The issues faced by the customer in Falkirk underscore the necessity of choosing a professional Starlink installation service over cheaper alternatives. Professional installers are trained to evaluate and execute installations based on both current and anticipated future needs, ensuring optimal long-term service.

Professional Starlink Installation Benefits:

  • Correct Equipment and Setup: Professional installers use the appropriate mounting kits designed for various settings, including roof, pole, and custom mounts that ensure stability and optimal orientation.
  • Thorough Site Assessment: A comprehensive evaluation of the property is conducted to determine the best location for the dish, considering potential future obstructions and required adjustments.
  • Optimal Line of Sight: Ensuring the dish has an unobstructed view of the sky is paramount, and professionals have the tools and knowledge to achieve the best possible satellite visibility.
  • Quality and Safety: Professional installations prioritize not only the efficiency of the setup but also the aesthetic integration and safety of the property.

The Professional Starlink Solution

After assessing the situation in Falkirk, our team of Starlink Installation Pros was deployed to rectify the issues with the initial setup. Our approach was methodical and tailored to maximise the system’s performance instantly and for the foreseeable future.

Steps Taken:

  • Repositioning the Dish: We relocated the dish to a higher vantage point where it could gain a clear and broad view of the sky without obstructions.
  • Using Advanced Mounting Solutions: Instead of the inadequate ground mount, we installed a more robust and appropriate mounting system that could withstand local weather conditions and ensure stable connectivity.
  • Optimising Cable and Router Placement: We rerouted the cabling to prevent potential damage and interference, and strategically placed the router to maximise indoor signal distribution and network efficiency.
  • Internal Mesh System: The client hadn’t been informed about the poor signal strength of the Starlink router so we suggested he uses a mesh system like TP-Link Deco to distribute the signal across his property.

Professional Starlink Install in Falkirk
Professional Starlink Install in Falkirk

FAQs about Starlink Install in Falkirk

  1. What makes a professional Starlink installation different from a DIY or local tradesman install?
    • Professional installations are comprehensive, considering long-term efficiency, safety, and property aesthetics, using specialised equipment and detailed site assessments.
  2. Can the placement of a Starlink dish really affect internet speeds?
    • Absolutely. The dish’s placement is critical as it needs a clear line of sight to the satellites. Any obstruction can significantly degrade the signal quality and internet speed.
  3. What should I do if my current Starlink setup is underperforming?
    • Contact a professional Starlink installer to assess your setup. They can provide solutions such as repositioning the dish or upgrading the mounting system.
  4. How do I choose the right installer for my Starlink system?
    • Look for certified professionals with experience in satellite technology and customer testimonials that highlight reliability and thoroughness.


The corrected Starlink install in Falkirk not only resolved the immediate issues of low speeds and connectivity dropouts but also ensured that the customer would enjoy robust and reliable internet service moving forward. This case vividly illustrates the difference that a professional installation makes, not just in terms of immediate performance but also in long-term satisfaction and service reliability. When it comes to advanced technology like Starlink, cutting corners with substandard installation can lead to frustration and additional costs, highlighting why investing in professional installation services is crucial.

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