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Starlink Install in Dudley, West Midlands


Achieving high-speed internet connectivity in remote areas can be challenging, but Starlink provides an effective solution. This case study details a recent Starlink install in Dudley, West Midlands, at a new self-build property located on a remote plot of private land. With no access to full fibre internet, the client needed a reliable alternative. They also requested that the grey cable be hidden to maintain the pristine look of their white-walled home. Here, we explore the installation process, the customised solutions employed, and the benefits of professional installation by Starlink Installation Pros.

Starlink Install in Dudley
Starlink Install in Dudley

Starlink Install in Dudley Overview

The new self-build property in Dudley presented unique challenges and opportunities. The remote location lacked access to full fibre internet, making Starlink the ideal solution. The client was particularly concerned with the visual impact of the installation, especially the visibility of the grey cable against the white exterior walls. Additionally, the larger size of the property required the use of mesh access points to ensure comprehensive coverage.

Initial Consultation and Planning

As the customer was not onsite during the installation, the location of the antenna was agreed upon over the phone. This remote consultation allowed us to understand the client’s preferences and plan the installation accordingly.

Customised Cable Management

To meet the client’s aesthetic demands, we employed several strategic techniques:

Cable Concealment

We hid the grey cable behind a downpipe and ran it along the lowest course of exposed bricks. This approach effectively concealed the cable, preserving the clean look of the white walls.

Starlink Install in Dudley Cable Concealment
Starlink Install in Dudley Cable Concealment

Extended Cable Length

The installation required a 150ft Starlink cable to accommodate the placement of the antenna and ensure optimal connectivity without compromising the property’s aesthetics.

Starlink Install in Dudley 150ft Cable
Starlink Install in Dudley 150ft Cable

White Blast Plate

To further blend with the white exterior, we used a white blast plate, ensuring the installation remained discreet and visually harmonious.

Starlink Install in Dudley White Blast Plate
Starlink Install in Dudley White Blast Plate

Enhancing Connectivity with Mesh Access Points

Given the larger size of the property, a single access point would not suffice for reliable internet coverage throughout. To address this, we installed three Deco X55 mesh access points, which ensured robust and seamless Wi-Fi coverage across the entire property. These mesh access points are designed to work together, providing a strong and consistent signal in every corner of the home.

Starlink Install in Dudley Speed Test
Starlink Install in Dudley Speed Test

Professional Installation Process

The professional team at Starlink Installation Pros executed the installation with precision and attention to detail:

Site Assessment

Despite the client not being onsite, our team conducted a thorough assessment based on the remote consultation, identifying the optimal locations for the antenna and mesh access points.

Custom Mounting Solutions

The antenna was mounted at a location agreed upon with the client, ensuring a clear line of sight to the sky for unobstructed connectivity.

Cable Management

The grey cable was meticulously hidden behind a downpipe and along the exposed bricks, using the extended 150ft cable to maintain both functionality and aesthetics.

Mesh Network Setup

The three Deco X55 mesh access points were strategically placed to ensure maximum coverage, with seamless handoff between devices as the client moves throughout the property.

Benefits of Professional Installation

Opting for professional installation by Starlink Installation Pros offers numerous benefits, particularly for self-build properties with specific aesthetic and functional requirements:

Aesthetic Integration

The use of custom cable management and a white blast plate ensured the installation blended seamlessly with the property’s exterior.

Enhanced Performance

The optimal placement of the antenna and the use of mesh access points guaranteed reliable, high-speed internet coverage throughout the property.

Expertise and Precision

The professional installation team’s expertise ensured the installation was executed efficiently, meeting the client’s specific demands without compromising on quality.


The recent Starlink install in Dudley highlights the importance of professional expertise in achieving both functional and aesthetic goals in new build properties. By employing customised solutions such as hidden cables and mesh access points, Starlink Installation Pros ensured the client received a high-performance, visually pleasing installation. For residents of Dudley and beyond, professional installation is key to unlocking the full potential of Starlink’s high-speed internet service.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Why is professional installation important for Starlink in new builds?

Professional installation ensures that both functional and aesthetic requirements are met, providing optimal connectivity while maintaining the visual appeal of the property.

2. How can cables be concealed during a Starlink installation?

Cables can be hidden behind downpipes, along brick courses, or painted to match the exterior walls, ensuring they blend seamlessly with the property’s design.

3. What are the benefits of using mesh access points in a larger property?

Mesh access points provide robust and seamless Wi-Fi coverage throughout a larger property, eliminating dead zones and ensuring consistent internet performance.

4. How does a remote consultation work for Starlink installation?

During a remote consultation, the installation team discusses the client’s preferences and requirements over the phone, allowing them to plan the installation effectively even without the client being onsite.

5. What is the significance of using a white blast plate in Starlink installations?

A white blast plate helps the installation blend with the white exterior walls, maintaining the aesthetic integrity of the property while ensuring the installation remains functional.

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