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High Performance Starlink Install Caterham, Surrey


In today’s connected world, robust and reliable internet connectivity is essential, especially for properties with high bandwidth demands. This case study explores a real-world installation of a Starlink install Caterham, where we used the Starlink High Performance Kit. The property required comprehensive connectivity for a recording studio, CCTV, automatic gates and doors, and full WiFi coverage across both the main building and external structures. Starlink Installation Pros executed this project, integrating the Starlink system with a robust Ubiquiti network to ensure seamless connectivity and functionality. Let’s jump into see how this Starlink install in Surrey worked out.

Starlink install caterham
High Performance Starlink Install Caterham

Project Overview

Client Requirements

The client in Caterham needed a high-performance internet solution capable of handling multiple high-demand applications, including:

  • A recording studio with high data transfer requirements.
  • CCTV systems for enhanced security.
  • Automated gates and doors requiring reliable connectivity.
  • Comprehensive WiFi coverage across the main property and external buildings.


To meet these requirements, the Starlink High Performance Kit was selected for its superior capabilities and reliability in demanding environments. The installation involved:

  • Mounting the Starlink dish on the chimney using a chimney lashing kit.
  • Digging trenches to lay cables for the CCTV and networking setup.
  • Supplying and fitting CCTV cameras.
  • Integrating the Starlink system with a Ubiquiti network for robust and seamless connectivity.

Installation Process

Starlink Mounting Solution

The Starlink dish was mounted on the chimney to ensure optimal visibility and stability. The chimney lashing kit provided a secure and elevated position for the dish, crucial for maintaining a clear line of sight to the satellites and maximising performance.

Starlink install caterham

Starlink install caterham
High Performance Starlink Install Caterham on chimney

Cable Trenching and Networking

Trenches were dug around the property to lay the necessary cables for connecting the Starlink system to various devices and external buildings. This process ensured that all areas of the property had access to reliable internet connectivity. The networking setup included:

  • Ubiquiti Access Points: Strategically placed to provide comprehensive WiFi coverage.
  • Networking Switches: Ensuring seamless connection and communication between the recording studio, CCTV cameras, and automated gates.

CCTV Installation

The CCTV system was an integral part of the project. Cameras were strategically placed around the property to provide full surveillance coverage. These cameras were connected to the network via the trenched cables, ensuring reliable and continuous operation.

Integration with Ubiquiti System

The Starlink High Performance Kit was integrated with a Ubiquiti network to enhance connectivity and ensure seamless operation of all devices. This setup included:

  • High-Performance Router: Providing fast and reliable internet access.
  • Ethernet LAN Ports: Allowing direct wired connections for devices that require stable and high-speed internet.


Benefits of the High Performance Kit

Enhanced Connectivity and Performance

In comparison to this other Starlink install in Caterham, the High Performance Kit offers several advantages over the Standard Kit, making it ideal for properties with high bandwidth demands:

  • Broader Field of View: With a 140-degree field of view, the High Performance dish can connect to more satellites simultaneously, ensuring stable connectivity even in areas with obstructions like trees or buildings​.
  • Higher Throughput: The High Performance Starlink supports higher data throughput, essential for applications such as HD video streaming and large file transfers​​.
  • Superior Weather Resistance: Designed to withstand extreme weather conditions, the High Performance Starlink dish can operate in temperatures ranging from -30°C to 50°C and has a snow melt capability of up to 3 inches per hour​.

Seamless Integration with Ubiquiti System

The integration with Ubiquiti ensured that the entire property had reliable internet access. The Ubiquiti system provided:

  • Comprehensive WiFi Coverage: Ensuring that both the main property and external buildings had robust internet connectivity.
  • Advanced Security: The integrated system supported the operation of CCTV cameras and automated gates, enhancing the security of the property.


The installation of the Starlink in Surrey with the High Performance Kit in Caterham showcases the effectiveness of combining advanced satellite internet technology with a robust networking system. The project met the client’s high bandwidth requirements, providing reliable and fast internet connectivity for a recording studio, CCTV system, automated gates, and comprehensive WiFi coverage. By choosing the High Performance Kit and integrating it with a Ubiquiti network, Starlink Installation Pros ensured seamless and efficient internet access across all devices and areas of the property.


1. What is included in the Starlink High Performance Kit? The kit includes a Starlink dish, router, power supply, mounting base, Ethernet cable, power cable, router cable, and a 25-meter Starlink cable.

2. How does the High Performance Kit handle extreme weather? The High Performance dish is designed to operate in temperatures from -30°C to 50°C and has a snow melt capability of up to 3 inches per hour, making it suitable for harsh weather conditions.

3. What are the power requirements for the High Performance Kit? The High Performance Kit consumes between 110-150 watts, higher than the Standard Kit, reflecting its advanced capabilities.

4. Can the High Performance Kit be used for mobile applications? Yes, the High Performance dish is also available in a flat version, designed for in-motion use on vehicles and boats, providing reliable internet connectivity while traveling.

5. Is professional installation required for the High Performance Kit? While the installation process is user-friendly, professional installation may be beneficial for optimal placement and integration, especially in complex setups involving extensive networking requirements.

By opting for the Starlink High Performance Kit and a custom Ubiquiti network, residents and businesses in Caterham can enjoy unparalleled internet connectivity, meeting all their digital needs efficiently and reliably.

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