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Commercial Starlink Install in Wandsworth

Commercial Starlink Install in Wandsworth: Powering an Auction House with High-Performance Connectivity

Commercial Starlink install in Wandsworth
Commercial Starlink install in Wandsworth using an extended wall bracket


In the bustling area of Wandsworth, a commercial auction house faced significant challenges with inadequate internet service from traditional providers. To address this critical issue and keep their business operations seamless and efficient, they turned to a Starlink High Performance installation. This blog post explores the detailed process and the sophisticated solutions provided to enhance the auction house’s connectivity and security. Keep reading to find out more about this commercial Starlink install in Wandsworth

The Need for Reliable High-Speed Internet

For an auction house, where real-time online bidding and high-definition live streaming are crucial, reliable high-speed internet is not just a convenience—it’s a necessity. The traditional internet services in Wandsworth were unable to meet these demands, leading to the decision to install Starlink’s advanced satellite internet system, which promises superior speeds and reliability.

Commercial Starlink install in Wandsworth Power Bank Wall Mount
Commercial Starlink install in Wandsworth Power Bank Wall Mount

Installation Challenges and Solutions

The installation was not straightforward due to the auction house’s unique infrastructure and the public accessibility of certain areas like the roof terrace. Our engineering team tackled several challenges to ensure the system was not only high-performing but also secure and compliant with all safety regulations.

Commercial Starlink Install in Wandsworth Highlights:

  • Starlink High Performance Kit: This premium service option was selected to provide the auction house with faster speeds and priority support, crucial for their business operations.
  • Enhanced Security Measures: Considering the public accessibility of the roof terrace, we used an extended bracket for the dish. This strategic placement ensured the equipment was out of easy reach, mitigating the risk of theft or tampering.
  • Comprehensive Networking Tasks: Our engineers performed extensive networking tasks to integrate Starlink seamlessly with the existing infrastructure. This included setting up advanced network security measures to ensure the system was safe and compliant for commercial use.

Commercial Starlink install in Wandsworth Router
Commercial Starlink install in Wandsworth Router

Technical Specifications and Performance

The Starlink High Performance kit initially delivered speeds of 178 Mbps. However, after a 24-hour settling period, the performance impressively increased to over 200 Mbps. This boost significantly enhanced the auction house’s capability to handle intensive online activities without disruption.

System Performance Analysis:

  • Initial Speed: 178 Mbps immediately post-installation.
  • Post-Settling Speed: Exceeded 200 Mbps, allowing for high-volume, real-time bidding and HD streaming of auctions.
  • Priority Support: The High Performance kit includes priority customer support, ensuring any issues can be quickly addressed, which is vital for continuous business operations.

Commercial Starlink install in Wandsworth Speed Test
Commercial Starlink install in Wandsworth Speed Test

Understanding the Starlink High Performance Model

The Starlink High Performance model is specifically designed to meet the demands of businesses and users with higher bandwidth requirements. This premium service tier offers enhanced capabilities compared to the standard setup, including priority support and faster throughput speeds.

The High Performance model uses advanced satellite technology to provide increased upload and download speeds, which are crucial for applications requiring real-time data transfer, such as live video streaming and large-scale online transactions.

Additionally, subscribers to this service benefit from dedicated customer support, ensuring any service issues are promptly addressed. This model is particularly suited for commercial entities like auction houses, where consistent and reliable internet connectivity is vital for maintaining continuous operations and ensuring customer satisfaction.

Impact on the Auction House

The new Starlink system has transformed how the auction house conducts its business. With reliable and fast internet, they can now host online auctions without fear of connectivity issues, providing a better experience for bidders and enhancing their reputation as a technologically advanced business.

FAQs about Commercial Starlink Installation in Wandsworth

  1. Why was Starlink chosen for the auction house in Wandsworth?
    • Starlink was selected due to its ability to provide significantly higher speeds and more reliable service compared to traditional internet options in the area.
  2. What are the advantages of the Starlink High Performance kit for businesses?
    • It offers enhanced speeds, priority technical support, and more robust connectivity options tailored for businesses with high-demand internet needs.
  3. How does the extended bracket installation enhance security?
    • The extended bracket positions the dish away from easy public access, reducing the risk of theft or damage in areas like a roof terrace accessible to the public.
  4. Can Starlink support the high bandwidth requirements of an auction house?
    • Yes, with speeds exceeding 200 Mbps after the settling period, Starlink is well-equipped to handle the high bandwidth demands of live streaming auctions and online bidding.
  5. What steps are taken to ensure the installation complies with safety and operational standards?
    • Our engineers perform thorough assessments and follow rigorous installation protocols to ensure that every aspect of the setup is safe, secure, and compliant with regulatory standards.


The Starlink installation in Wandsworth has proven to be a game-changer for the auction house, enabling it to leverage advanced technology to expand and enhance its business operations. With the installation of the High Performance kit and strategic security measures, the auction house can now reliably connect to the global market, offering uninterrupted services that are crucial for its success. This case study highlights the effectiveness of Starlink in transforming commercial internet connectivity, providing businesses with the tools they need to thrive in a digital-first world.

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