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Commercial Starlink Install in Burnley

Commercial Starlink Install in Burnley: Enhancing Connectivity for a Software Provider

Commercial Starlink install in Burnley
Commercial Starlink install in Burnley


In the remote location of Burnley, a commercial software provider faced significant challenges due to inadequate internet speeds, severely impacting their business operations. The existing broadband service only offered a meagre 12 Mbps, insufficient for the demands of modern software development and client interactions. This blog post details a strategic Starlink installation that significantly improved connectivity, despite initial obstacles.

The Challenge of Natural Obstructions

The Burnley site presented unique difficulties with several tall trees surrounding the property, posing potential obstructions to the satellite signal. However, the client had already planned to remove these trees, aligning well with the installation strategy to ensure future connectivity would not be compromised.

Initial Speed Achievements:

  • Before Tree Removal: Even with the trees initially in place, the installation of the Starlink system provided an impressive speed of 120 Mbps — a tenfold increase over the previous broadband service.

Choosing the Starlink High Performance Kit

Understanding the critical nature of reliable internet for software businesses, the decision was made to install Starlink’s High Performance kit. This premium option is designed to cater to the needs of businesses located in remote areas where traditional broadband services fail to deliver.

Features of the High Performance Kit:

  • Enhanced Bandwidth: Offers superior speeds and bandwidth, crucial for software development and large data transfers.
  • Priority Support: Ensures that any issues can be quickly addressed, minimising downtime and keeping the business operational.

The Impact of Obstructions on Starlink Connectivity

Obstructions such as trees, buildings, and other structures can severely impact the performance of Starlink devices by blocking the line of sight between the satellite dish and the orbiting satellites. This interference often results in intermittent connectivity, which can be particularly disruptive for businesses that depend on stable internet access for their operations.

Intermittent connectivity can lead to dropped video calls, slow data transfer rates, and even complete service outages. For this reason, ensuring a clear path to the sky is critical when installing Starlink dishes.

It is also why professional installation services are invaluable, as they include a thorough site survey to identify and mitigate potential obstructions before they affect the system’s efficiency and reliability.

Commercial Starlink Install in Burnley: Strategy and Execution

To address the challenge of tree coverage temporarily, the installation involved a gable end wall mount on a short mast. This setup was chosen to elevate the dish above lower obstructions and optimise line of sight towards the satellite, providing the best possible connection under the circumstances.

Installation Highlights:

  • Gable End Wall Mount: Utilised to secure the dish on a short mast, this mounting equipment was critical for positioning the dish effectively against potential signal blockages.
  • Temporary Placement: Initially, the dish was placed in a location that offered the best possible line of sight, considering the existing tree coverage.
  • Future Adjustments: Plans were made for adjusting the dish’s location once the trees were removed to enhance the signal quality further and maximise the connectivity.

Impact on the Client’s Business

The immediate increase in internet speeds profoundly impacted the software provider’s business operations:

  • Operational Efficiency: The enhanced internet speed allowed for smoother operation of software development tools and cloud-based services.
  • Client Communications: Improved connectivity facilitated better video conferencing and faster client service, crucial for maintaining business relationships.


The Starlink installation in Burnley is a prime example of how satellite internet can transform the capabilities of businesses in remote or poorly served broadband areas. The High Performance kit, in particular, has proven to be a game-changer, providing the necessary infrastructure to support demanding internet use. As the client moves forward with tree removal, we anticipate even greater improvements in service quality, solidifying the value of choosing Starlink for business connectivity solutions. This case highlights the importance of expert installation and strategic planning in overcoming environmental challenges and enhancing business operations through superior internet connectivity.

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